Welcome to Maple Leaf Auto Body online!   We are busy making cars look beautiful but our webmaster will make our site look beautiful soon.

We’re a small business and we care about our customers! We meet the best people by accident!

The owners do the work. Themselves.
Yes, we run a business. Do the estimates. Order the best parts. But when it comes to the actual repair, we’re there – in the bays. Making sure the job’s done right. Just like we’d do for our own cars and trucks.

You will always get a lifetime warranty – period.
Once you drive off the lot, the workmanship, paint, and parts are guaranteed. We’ll make right anything we did –for as long as you own your vehicle. Can’t do much more than that.

Specializing in  -Collision repairs -Restorations -RVs -Semis, Experts at color matching, and Insurance work specialists!

We’re located in beautiful Lynden, Washington.  We’re available Monday through Friday to serve you. We look forward to helping you get back on the road!

You can contact us by phone at 360.354.2104